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Biography - Yiling Chiu

Connecting to the world through art is what Yiling Chiu did ever since she was little. Loving the very nature of expression, she would draw for hours on end. Because art was not highly thought of in her country of Taiwan, Yiling went on to study 3D animation and veered away from painting and drawing, but realized she truly missed her first passion, painting. However, through her dedication and understanding of bringing animated characters to life by injecting them with personality, humanity, and emotion, it gave her an extra valuable perspective when she began to focus on painting again.


"Relaxing Kitty" by Yiling Chiu


Yiling Chiu received her MFA of Fine Art Painting from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco in 2009. Whether she was painting landscapes, still lifes, figures or animals, her main goal was to bring personality, and emotion to her subjects. Yiling was a finalist in the International Artist Challenge "People and Figures" Competition, published in International Artist magazine December/January 2009 issue , and got accepted to the Greenhouse Gallery International Salon showing. To Yiling, the creation of art is the creation and understanding of life… She says it’s full of struggle but also full of happiness.